Wildfang lesbian

has 8,000 button-ups causing all of are usually Hawaiin printing. Nonetheless have some with hearts and feathers on them, as well. Wildfang lesbians are like

fancy butches

. They love good bend tie and wingtip footwear. They’ve really had their particular footwear shined before. They probably also provide a sleeve of tattoos and a septum piercing, although that isn’t required.

A Wildfang lesbian is actually a lesbian the master of 8,000 button-ups causing all of are usually Hawaiian print. They also probably have a sleeve and a septum piercing, but that’s not essential.

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“Wildfang” is really what the


gf kinds in to the search bar before her best friend’s wedding so she will discover you on a clean top to choose equivalent outfit trousers you have been putting on since highschool. It is like if Willy Wonka instantly decided to enter into formal use for lesbians. Searching for a three-piece suit covered in cheetahs eating ice cream? Wildfang’s got you covered. A palm frond-and-hot-dog-covered cummerbund? They probably have actually that, as well!

That are Wildfang lesbians?

A Wildfang lesbian is commonly a lot more of a




, or

gentle butch

-leaning lesbian. They love a good collared clothing and sporadically a little collar jewelry to spruce things upwards! They move at the chance to be a person’s plus-one, simply so they can outfit like an enjoyable, animal-loving lesbian magician. They have a tendency getting fantastic dancers, drinkers, and conversationalists — which works out because their particular clothes may cause many unwanted discussion.